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Creating a stronger brand: Children's National Hospital

A strong brand helps move people along a path from becoming aware of your organization; to preferring your organization; and, ultimately, to telling others about the benefits of your organization.

Children’s National has a high level of favorability among those who know us, but as we grow and as our market constantly changes, we need to continuously generate new brand awareness to support organizational success.

Why we’re making changes

We’ve used a number of different descriptors and logos for our organization during our 150 years as an organization, but haven’t always done a good job of ceasing old uses as we’ve introduced new ones. Our research shows this has created some market confusion as well as confusion for our own employees.

Our brand strategy relies on people knowing that we are one organization doing many amazing things to advance the health of children. This is much easier to do if our audiences can associate all of our services and benefits with one single organization.

What are the changes?

Our logo, which uses a shortened version of our name “Children’s National” will remain the same with some minor adjustments to the typeface and colors. This will enable the logo to look consistent across different channels.

However, the way we describe ourselves verbally and in text will change. When referring to our organization, we will exclusively use the name “Children’s National Hospital.”


  • “I work for Children’s National Hospital.”
  • “Children’s National Hospital announced today…”

We will use “Children’s National Hospital” on all first references; it is acceptable use the shorter form “Children’s National” on secondary references.

No other descriptors for our organization should be used. Do not use “Medical Center” or “Health System” to describe the organization.

We believe that consistently using the word hospital to describe our organization will be more clear and intuitive. To learn more about the research and strategy behind this decision, please watch this video:

What’s to come for Children’s National Hospital:

  • September-October, 2019: Rollout of new descriptor, "Children's National Hospital."
  • September 22, 2019: The Grow Up Stronger advertising campaign re-enters the market. You’ll see our ads reflecting the refined branding on TV, online, in print publications and around Washington, D.C.
  • September 22-December 31, 2019: Brand Site moratorium. The brand site will have limited functionalities and resources. Production of any new, branded items must be vetted through PR & Marketing (
  • January 2020: There will be a phased rollout of the new brand toolkit beginning in 2020. We will provide updates throughout the process on this page.

What’s to come for the Children’s Brand portal:

  • The brand site is on hold through January 1, 2020.
  • If you have any projects and designs that you’d like to keep, please log in and download them from your accounts. They will not be available as of January 1, 2020.
  • Keep branded production to a minimum. Only produce branded items if absolutely necessary through the end of the calendar year. This will minimize the use of outdated branding moving forward as well as minimizing time and costs spent recreating outdated materials.
  • If you absolutely require branded materials, email with your request. Requests will be prioritized and evaluated based on overall organizational goals.
  • All materials produced must be reviewed and approved by PR and Marketing Department. Email Requests will be reviewed within 4-5 business days.

Thanks for your patience throughout this process! Your support will ensure a successful brand transition.

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