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Children's National business cards should follow the layout shown here. The position of the logo, address block(s), and the personalization block should remain consistent on ALL business cards.

A maximum of 7 lines is allowed for the address block.
A maximum of 6 lines is allowed for the personalization block.

If more lines or phone numbers are needed please contact the Public Relations and Marketing department at 202-476-4500.

Size: 3-1/2" x 2"
Color: The logo prints Red PMS 485 (0-95-100-0 CMYK) and Gray PMS 410 (0-18-23-56). The address block and personalization block print solid Gray. The back of the card prints Gray as well.
Logo Size: .53125" (17/32")
Typography: Address information – 6.5/7.5 pt. Museo 300 Regular. The employee name is 8 pt. Museo 700 Regular.
Paper: 100 lb. Cover, Finch Opaque
Printing: Digital

Childrens BusinessCard Specs-01