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The Children’s National bear symbol can be shown in any one of the three approved crops as shown below. It must, however, only be shown in this manner in conjunction with the full logo that should be visible on the same plane.

There are three acceptable crops that can be used as a primary graphic. The bear symbol should be anchored to the page as shown below.

The cropped bear device may be used as flat art or given dimension.

The interrupted red crop lines on this page represent the ability to expand the white space allowing room for the Children’s National logo, website address, or headline if used on collateral materials.

Acceptable graphic crops:

  1. A horizontal crop including the right side of the bear’s face, the hand, and stethoscope is allowed.
  2. A vertical crop focusing on the left side of the bear’s face including 
one eye, ear, and at least half of the bear’s smile is allowed.
  3. A square crop focusing on both eyes, mouth, and one ear is allowed.

Children's National the cropped bear symbol