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Children’s National relies on the strength of its photography to convey the quality of its services as well as the qualities of people that make up its workforce.

Our photography is divided into four categories as shown below, each one delivering on a specific area of our expertise and devotion.

In general, our photography should feel real, capturing personalities and expressions that are not staged. Selective focus should be utilized whenever possible to direct the viewer to the subject.

Our photography should convey the caring nature of our business and the expertise and professionalism of our staff.

Our photography has a slight bluish tint and subdued color in its final form. This technique is accomplished in Photoshop® through a series of adjustment layers. An example file resides with the Marketing Department.

Note: The photography used in this section and throughout these guidelines is for style reference only. Children’s National does not own the usage rights to any image. This imagery will be replaced at a later date with commissioned photography.

Children's National photography categories